Mondō to ronsō no bukkyō – Shūkyō-teki komyunikēshon no shatei.

MondoMondō to ronsō no bukkyō – Shūkyō-teki komyunikēshon no shatei.
(Didactic conversations and disputations in Buddhism – The range of religious communications).

Martin Repp, Yoshiyuki Inoue (eds)

This publication derives from an interdisciplinary research project at the Research Center for Buddhist Culture at Ryukoku University (Kyoto) which was organized by the editors. The first section focusses on communicational forms of Buddhist education, particularly the training methods in Indian logic, Tibetan debates, Nara Buddhist formal debates (picture), Tendai disputations, Rinzai Zen koan and Jodo shinshu mondo. The second part concentrates on intrareligious and interreligious communication, such as the Auseinandersetzung of newly introduced Buddhism with Daoism and Confucianism in China, the formal disputations between competing schools for maintaining social peace during the Heian period in Japan, and the debates between Jesuit missionaries and Buddhists during the 16th century. The third section introduces "dialogue" deriving from Europe, such as the ancient Greek philosophical dialogues, the interreligious dialogues in medieval times (Cusanus etc.) and contemporary interreligious dialogue. The final part treats contemporary practical forms of Buddhist communication, such as conversations in education, as well as Jodo shinshu sermons, mission and (spiritual, psychological) counselling.