Perry Schmidt-Leukel Receives Frederick J. Streng Award

BuchThe Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies will give the “Frederick J. Streng Award for Excellence in Buddhist-Christian Studies” for the year 2000 to Perry Schmidt-Leukel, University of Muenster. He will receive the award during the annual business meeting of the Society on Dec 2nd, 11:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. EST, hosted by Georgetown University. The ceremony will be open for all who have registered for the conference. The award is given for Schmidt-Leukel’s book “Buddha Mind – Christ Mind”, a Christian commentary on the Bodhicaryāvatāra.  The book was published in 2019 with Peeters in Leuven.

Frederick J. Streng (1933-1993) was a renowned expert im Mahāyāna Buddhism and one of the founding members of the Society. The award named after him is given annually to an outstanding publication in the field of Buddhist-Christian Studies. In 2019 it was awarded to Mark Heim of Yale University for his book “Crucified Wisdom”. For a list of all past winners see here.