In memory of Marianne-Mettadevi Jacob

Marianne JacobTrauer um Marianne-Mettadevi Jacob

Dear Marianne,

describing yourself as "Cave-Buddhist", your were from the beginning a member of the Occurso institute. You were an enrichment with your intensive life of religious dialogue. You workedas  treasurer, as well as co-managing the "Being guest at ... " series from 2007 to 2012. Your numerous experiences from "being a guest", which you gathered on your various travels, but also at home in Munich, and which you reflected spiritually, helped immensely in this task. You shared your experiences in the book "Praxisbuch interreligiöser Dialog" with a very special article on "Being a guest, personal experiences of en existential attitude"

You participated on the conferences of the European Network for Buddhist-Christian Studies and lived there as well the hospitality with the members from all over the world.

Thank you for being among us.

May you be find happiness and the cause of happiness.
Free from suffering
in loving presence
in One-ness with all.

Your friends