Buddhist Perceptions of Jesus

Buddhist PerceptionsPapers of the Third Conference of the European Network of Buddhist-Christian-Studies (St. Ottilien 1999)

Buddhists have judged Christianity primarily from a spiritual-practical point of view. Thereby the three principles of the Noble Eightfold Path have proved decisive. In that regard it is very significant that negative judgements about Christianity always arose  over the question of vegetarianism and the consumption of alcohol which makes Buddhists believers doubt the spiritual level of Christianity. The collected articles and approaches of this volume present the difficulties of the Buddhist religion within the Christian-Buddhist Dialogue.

Articles by Perry Schmidt-Leukel, Iso Kern, Shizuteru Ueda, Heinz Mürmel, Santikaro Bhikkhu, Frank Usarski, Karl Schmied, Notto Thelle, Michael von Brück

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