History as a Challenge to Buddhism and Christianity

HistoryWould the dialogue between Buddhism and Christianity be changed if both religions seriously engaged with the insights of modern historical consciousness? Could there be greater honesty, openness and humility, or a greater commitment to a reciprocal search for truth, if this was done? This book focusses on five themes central to the issue of ‚history‘ in the two traditions: traditional conceptions of salvation and/or liberation history in Christianity and Buddhism; Jesus and the Buddha: fact and fiction; Buddhist and Christian historiography; ‚Dangerous Memory‘ within the histories of Buddhism and Christianity; Permitting historical consciousness in Buddhism and Christianity.

With contributions by Eve-Marie Becker, Mark L. Blum, Rita M. Gross, Elizabeth J. Harris, Jan-Olav Henriksen, Armin Kreiner, Jude Lal Fernando, Robert Mayer, Terrance Merrigan, John O’Grady, Perry Schmidt- Leukel, Catharina Stenqvist, John S. Strong.

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