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Publications by Martin Repp:

Der eine gott und die anderen Götter

Der eine GottDer eine Gott und die anderen Götter
Eine historische und systematische Einführung in Religionstheologien der Ökumene.
(The one God and the other deities – An historical and systematic introduction to theologies of religions of the ecumene)

Dr. Martin Repp

The main thesis of this book is that theologies of religion dominating the contemporary discussion, such as exclusivism, inclusivism and pluralism, fail to maintain the tension between cosmology (creation theology) and soteriology (e.g. Christology) which constitute the two fundamental pillars of the Christian faith.

Christianity and the Notion of Nothingness

MutoChristianity and the Notion of Nothingness
Contributions to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue from the Kyoto School.

Muto Kazuo (author), Dr Martin Repp (ed.)

This book introduces the thoughts of the Japanese Christian philosopher of religion Muto Kazuo (1913-1995), who was a student of Tanabe Hajime and a colleague and close friend of Nishitani Keiji at Kyoto University, both important representatives of the Kyoto School. Hence he was fully recognized as a Christian member of this predominantly Buddhist school of philosophy.

Mondō to ronsō no bukkyō – Shūkyō-teki komyunikēshon no shatei.

MondoMondō to ronsō no bukkyō – Shūkyō-teki komyunikēshon no shatei.
(Didactic conversations and disputations in Buddhism – The range of religious communications).

Martin Repp, Yoshiyuki Inoue (eds)

This publication derives from an interdisciplinary research project at the Research Center for Buddhist Culture at Ryukoku University (Kyoto) which was organized by the editors.

Hōnens religiöses Denken

HonenHōnens religiöses Denken
Eine Untersuchung zu Strukturen religiöser Erneuerung.

Dr. Martin Repp

(The religious thinking of Hōnen – An inquiry into structures of religious innovations) This book investigates a major figure in Japanese Buddhism, who established the Pure Land teaching doctrinally as an independent, self-sufficient tradition, not institutionally as Pure Land Buddhist followers later taught.